Don’t Call It A Comeback NATE PARKER Returns with New Film “Showtime” at The 2019 Hip Hop Film Festival

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2 min readJul 5, 2019

While Mr. Parker may have been absent in front of the camera, he is still making his mark behind the scenes, most recently Executive Producing work by other young Black men, whose stories are overlooked in mainstream, but have a home within the culture.

Enter the award winning Hip Hop Film Festival, whose theme for 2019 is “Stories From The Culture”. The festival is not a festival of Hip Hop movies featuring rappers, instead, it is a festival that provides a platform for filmmakers and content creators born after 1960, aka The Hip Hop Generation.

The festival will premiere Mr. Parker’s latest project SHOWTIME, directed and written by newcomer Shawn Antione II. Shawn Antoine II is a 22-year-old writer/director/producer from Harlem, New York and a former student at the Nate Parker Foundation.

Antione II’s latest offering, SHOWTIME, tells the story of Darius and Hakeem, who dance on New York City trains to earn honest money and escape the crime-riddled streets of Harlem. “As a Harlem native and daily train commuter, I was always mesmerized as kids would strut onto the train and shout “Showtime”! Pulling off acrobatic stunts while commuters cheered and rewarded money.”, says Antione.

Shawn Antione II — Director , Writer & Producer

SHOWTIME premieres at the Hip Hop Film Festival Saturday, August 3rd. For passes, go to

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